At the core of our technology stack is the Firebird SQL open source relational database management system. Originally branded as Interbase, based on a system developed by the Grand Father of relational databases, Jim Starkey, at Digital Equipment Corporation, then owned by Ashton Tate and Borland.

Interbase was open sourced in 2000, and is now developed and maintained by a group of dedicated computer scientists, and funded thru The FirebirdSQL Foundation.

The FirebirdSQL RDBMS has a number of technical advantage over other database systems, namely, it’s multi generational architecture, allowing it to work well under load, where writers do not block readers, and readers do not block writers. In layman’s terms, this allows many people to post to the same client without clashes.

The database server can run on a variety of operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP UX as well as some other more obscure environments. Connectivity to the data is available via many means, as described on the Firebird SQL website.


The majority of documentation is created using the LATEX document preparation system and language. We are firm believers that textual data should be structured and multi- purpose. For example our structure documentation is programatically generated from the information and descriptions stored within the database it’s self. Release update documentation is automatically generated from our development management system.

Programming Languages

The Microsoft windows client software is primarily developed using the Pascal based language and rapid application development environment, Delphi

We also use the GO Programming language from Google. Go allows us to Cross compile for multiple platforms. We use it for most of our back end server work.

We use both the Ruby and Python programming languages for active scripting on client site, to provide automated reporting, automated generation and eMailing of PDF documents, and live integration with third party solutions.