Support Requests

In order to assist us when sending support requests by email, it helps us if you are as descriptive as possible. Please state the exact steps that you have taken to make your problem occur. Use the same terminology as stated on the form or part of the program you are using, note that it will be difficult for us to understand your “in house” terms.

Always use a new message to for a new subject - Do not reply to an old message to start a new topic

Screen Shots help us a lot to diagnose issues. There are a number of ways to take these.

  1. Pressing PrtScr will take a picture of the whole screen, including multiple monitors. This can be overwhelming and show us information that we do not require, unless you want to send us the whole screen to give context to your issue, please do not use this method.

  2. Pressing Alt-PrtScr will take a picture of the active window. Using this method to give us the flow and “story” of your issue is often better.

  3. If you want to copy a specific area of the screen, you can use the built-in windows snipping tool. To run this, press Start menu and type “snip” the tool should then show as an option on the start menu.

  4. On Windows 10 there is a built-in tool named ‘Snip n Sketch’ which replaces the snipping tool. To quickly take a picture press WindowsKey-Shift-S.

Please redact any confidential information from any screenshots. This can be done with the snipping tool, ‘Snip n Sketch’ or Microsoft Paint.

Paste the captured images directly into your email message, please avoid pasting them into word documents and sending us the document, as the image often gets downgraded making it impossible to read the received image. Also, do not print then scan and send us the scanned image, this again downgrades the image too much. The snipping tool will allow you to annotate the image as necessary. It will also allow you to redact any sensitive data that should not be transmitted to us in an email.

If you find that you need a professional screen capture solution, please look at SnagIT