TF WebInfo

The Taskforce Web Info is a program that will generate static HTML output for all information about a client, all clients, or entities stored in the Taskforce database.

  • Viewed in HTML, as the content type, or language used by “The World Wide Web”, is a fundamental technology used in the sharing of information in today’s “E” world.
  • Static, indicates that once the data has left Taskforce and been generated as an HTML document, it will not change unless regenerated.
  • This program was originally created as a Y2K disaster recovery tool; it allows trust companies to save all their data onto a CD / USB / WebServer, that required nothing other than a WEB browser to read.
  • This is now used by organisations to send information to clients. As the output is in HTML, it can be easily edited and tailored prior to sending, with nothing more than Microsoft Office.
  • The information can be transferred to Personal Digital Devices, such and Apple iPad/iPhone or Android Tablets / Phones to allow easy portability of data to client meetings.