Practice Management

The Time Recording module is used to capture details of time recorded on clients and to produce invoices for time, disbursements and fixed fees, with various management reporting options available to view records.

  • Ability to set up a range of self-defined charging/activity codes
  • Default rate for a staff member together with the option to include specific rates for all activity codes
  • Self-definition of “unit length” and a “units per day target” for staff to aid management analysis
  • Select from a number of pre-designed invoice formats
  • Easy to use time sheet entry screen, for input of time units and disbursements, with another method of entering “extended narratives” that exceed the maximum per line of 60 characters
  • Work in progress reporting, by single, group or all clients. Drill down for further detail and ability to amend time (authorised users) until bills have been raised. Navigate easily to other programs by using the short-cut buttons
  • Bill processing for the invoicing of work in progress, or “ad-hoc” billing where work in progress will be left unaffected. The system will allow billing in multiple currencies and, if so configured, post the income/a debtor in the corporate books (and an expense/a creditor in the client books)
  • Fixed Fee set-up, billing and reporting that will run concurrently with the standard billing described above.
  • An invoice history is provided where the on-screen information provides the bill detail and amendment functionality and the printed report provides a profitability analysis (see management reporting below)
  • Debtors can be tracked efficiently by the use of various features, such as a debtor’s ledger, debtors list at a given date and aged debtors report.

Time Keeper

Developed as a utility that works along-side the full Time Recording module, Time Keeper is a fast method of time sheet entry that can be deployed to staff that may not necessarily need access to the main module. In its enhanced mode the posting of records can be restricted to authorised personnel. For further information on this unit see our separate literature.

Management Reporting

With the Report Generator, and after a little getting to know period, the reporting options are endless, as reports can be written or tailored to suit each client’s requirements. However there are a number of reports written into the system, such as:

  • Staff Analysis, detailing staff profitability in respect of chargeable/non-chargeable work for a given period
  • Single client analysis providing an invoice history and profitability
  • Multiple client analysis over a range of fee notes or dates