The Taskforce suite of software applications was developed from 1992 onwards and was deployed to its first site in July 1994. It has since progressed to be one of the leading players in the offshore financial software industry with clients in all the major offshore centres.

Knowledge and Understanding

We believe our experience gained working in the finance industry prior to joining Taskforce sets us aside from other software houses in our understanding and application of our client’s goals.

From the very beginning, we accept every project will have its individual characteristics. We work closely with our clients, discussing project budgeting, management reporting and benchmark payments all working towards a defined closure. During and after the physical installation we provide extensive training for all staff, either in our training facilities (in the C.I. and U.K.) or if overseas at a suitable venue, and thereafter provide continued support and development.

Collectively known as The Taskforce Wealth Management System, it allows businesses such as Banks, Accountants, Trust Companies, Family Offices to manage the financial structures (Funds, Foundations, Partnerships, Companies and Trusts) on behalf of their client customers.

The software is in use by Banks, Trust Companies and Accountants, in prominent offshore jurisdictions.