GotoMeeting - Training

We are now able to offer cost effective training using GotoMeeting by Citrix.

We can host up to 25 attendees in a training session, each attending the training from the comfort of their desk. Each attendee needs to have a USB headset attached to their computer so that they can hear and talk to the trainer and other attendees.

During the training session all attendees can see the trainer’s computer screen, and optionally show their screen to the others in the training to show examples of questions they may have.

We have found this method of training to be most beneficial as it allows us to host smaller and shorter training sessions for specific features. These sessions are very cost effective as no travel time is required.

Your training sessions can also be recorded so that you can review what has been learnt at a later time, or keep them as a resource for other members of staff.

Posted by Site Administrator on Monday, June 07, 2010