As I have mentioned before, our current focus here at Taskforce is on finding ways to help our clients automate tasks that are routine and labour intensive.

The big hurdle that we find time and time again is the quality of the data that people enter into both our databases, and databases of third parties such as Banks, Brokers and other related organisations. We always seem to go back to the old phrase of “Garbage in Garbage out”. People still seem to think of databases as glorified card indexes, they fail to see that if the data within their organisations systems was kept in a sane state, then life would be easier for everyone.

Another issue that causes us grief is the lack of consistency and ability to follow standards. As programming as a profession becomes more popular, we, like many professions, get our fair share of cowboys. The trouble is that the people tasked with managing these programmers have never written a line of code in their lives. This is very frustrating, because specification by “Chinese Wispers” just never works. The quality of data that we get provided by 3rd Parties can be decidedly lacking in quality.

Posted by Site Administrator on Saturday, May 30, 2009