Simplicity is the Key

Simplicity is the key to success. From the very beginning, this has been the philosophy that we have adhered to. So often in today’s software sector, systems are designed by committee, they become so laden with “features” that they become unworkable. We believe we have developed a robust and stable system that has a very low cost of ownership in terms of training and ongoing support requirements. Sometimes less is definitely more.

Tim Benest – Founder and Chief Software Architect

Formed in 1991 out of a recognition that there was a growing gap between what organizations needed and what was available in the private client technology sector, Taskforce Systems Ltd. rapidly developed into one of the leading suppliers of trust, company and accounting software solutions to financial services organisations.

A responsive support network ensures that our clients receive the level of attention expected from a global solutions provider and ensures that product development is aligned with the demands of a cross-border market place.

Listening to our client’s business needs and ensuring compliance issues are understood regardless of jurisdiction, are essential to the culture encouraged within the Taskforce group of companies, as feed-back is constantly pursued and applied to on going application development.